Jacob Schepis is the co-owner of JPS Health & Fitness. For the past 10 years he has actively worked in the industry, where he has helped thousands of individuals improve their strength, body composition and well-being through evidence-based resistance training and nutrition.
    Taking a scientific based approach to training and diet has enabled Jacob to excel in a variety of sports, including playing VFL, bodybuilding and powerlifting, where he has won multiple state and international titles. Jacobs in the trenches experience as a coach and practitioner has led him to become an educator and mentor of aspiring coaches and fitness enthusiasts, through hosting and contributing to workshops and seminars and the creation of the JPS Online Mentorship course.
    Having worked in the industry for over 8 years, Jacob’s wealth of knowledge coupled with his experience in the trenches has led him to become one of Melbourne’s most sought out trainers. His role has extended fate beyond working with his beloved clients, to now mentoring aspiring personal trainers, holding workshops and seminars, and writing for the nations personal training governing body, Physical Activity Australia. His motto is simple, whatever the mind can conceive, can be achieved.